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A big thank you to all of my doula families for welcoming me into their birth journeys and allowing me the privilege to support them during a very special time in their lives.

"I don't know how to express how grateful I am that Emily was there for my first labour, birth and recovery. She is amazing. She is so professional yet she is personal. The energy she brought forward, matched ours completely. She remained calm and positive. She also gave my husband time to comfort me, while making him feel very much included in the whole process. I'm a very happy client and I have already bragged to many of my friends about the benefits of having a doula."

"After we found out we were expecting baby #2, the second thing we did after telling all our family and close friends was reach out to Emily as she was the doula for my first daughter and I could not have done it without her! Even with me moving 1 hour away, she didn’t even hesitate to be present for the birth. She is more than our doula now, she is my family. The second birth was a lot quicker than the first and once again she was by our side (my husband and I) the entire time. I needed her guidance when it came to remembering to stay calm and get through the contractions unmedicated, and I once again achieved a natural birth with her support. She brings so much energy to the soul when it’s feeling defeated or close to the edge, with constant reminding that I’m that much closer to meeting my baby. Thank you Emily, you were a gift and I wish every woman could experience you in their birthing journey."

Kazani, Shawn & baby Norah 

"We're first time parents and we heard getting a doula was a good thing to do.  We couldn't be more thankful for that recommendation and that we ended up with Emily. She went above and beyond with her support and we were truly impressed!  She's incredibly responsive and resourceful. She was flexible and very accommodating. I don't know how I would've gotten through the process without Emily's help and support!" 

Lisa, Phil & baby Frankie

"We originally hired Emily for postpartum services, not knowing much about doulas and the services provided. We interviewed a few doulas that would fit our needs and provide the care that we required. As soon as we met Emily, we knew she was the perfect fit. 

Not only was she supportive, understanding and compassionate, she made us feel at ease about our c-section and the care we would receive. With only a few weeks before our birth we received great news that we could deliver vaginally. Feeling unprepared for a vaginal birth, Emily quickly helped us shift gears. With her assistance we were able to have a short and memorable birth in welcoming our daughter. Emily filled that gap that exists in in our healthcare system with emotional support, providing the strength where we needed it and helped to advocate our birth plan to the birthing team at our hospital. And to top it all off... she captured photos of our birth – preserving a memory of our daughter being welcomed into this world."

Sana, Shah and baby Maryam

"At first I was skeptical whether paying to a doula would be as beneficial as everyone is always saying. I really only knew very little about what they do, but what I did know was that I may need a little more support for my first birthing experience. Emily was more than what I had expected. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly we connected. She made sure that I was more than prepared for my delivery. Not only was she always available for my silly first time pregnancy questions, she was very helpful in my delivery. She made sure that all the hospital staff knew my needs as well as making me as comfortable as I could be. She even made sure to be available for any concerns I had post delivery. If I can say anything about my doula experience with Emily I would say she provided me with so much support that I felt more than prepared for my birth. She was an absolute superstar and I will definitely be calling her for my second baby!"

Candace, Luke & baby Logan

"Emily has a gift for what she does. She provided so much support to our family. Labor was more difficult than I imagined and having Emily there as our doula was the best decision we made for a positive birth experience. Emily is a very empathetic person. We can't thank Emily enough!"

Elena, Alex & baby Hudson

"Emily was recommended to us by a friend and this was probably the best recommendation we received during the pregnancy. Emily is incredibly experienced, was very in tune with and supportive of our situation and helped us have a very positive birth experience. We will certainly be recommending Emily’s services to all of our friends.

Ultimately, Emily’s support was invaluable, not just during labour, but in the days and weeks leading up to it. 

Emily put our interests first. She helped me ask the right questions so that I could make a fully informed decision that was right for me. I always felt I was in control and making the decisions, not Emily or the medical staff. 

Her postpartum support was also incredibly valuable. She was very helpful with interpreting our baby’s signs and behaviours and gave us great tips about breastfeeding, soothing our baby, rest and recovery for me, and so on.


Thanks again Emily! We really can’t imagine what the experience would’ve been like without you. Every pregnancy and baby is different so we’ll certainly be calling you if we have a second!"

Archie, Vish and baby Shreya

"As first time parents, we didn't realize how valuable Emily's postpartum services would be when we originally hired her to support our labour and delivery. Her 'in person' support with breastfeeding, baby care, and assistance with household tasks were so helpful during the immediate postpartum days. Emily's ongoing willingness to field our many questions and provide assistance over the phone offered additional reassurance and support. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Emily's doula services."

Ariel, Nick & baby Levon 

"Emily was a perfect addition to our birthing team. She is thoughtful, caring, and brings a positive energy to her role at all times. It was a relief and calming for me to know that Emily was in our corner. I can't say enough. I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking to hire a birth and postpartum doula."


 "From the moment I met Emily I knew she was the Doula for us.  And my decision couldn't have been better validated as the next weeks and months unfolded.  Emily was regularly in touch, keeping me up-to-date about her schedule and sharing just the right amount of pre-birth information.  When circumstances dictated a change to my birth plan in advance of labour, Emily talked me through all the information, helping me get to a comfortable and manageable place of calm. And this continued with her affirmation of our decision to take an epidural once labor began, with no judgement, only lovely and positive language and support.  Let me assure you that if you think that because you will have an epidural you don't need a doula, you are wrong.  Emily's presence at the birth was invaluable, even with midwives and hospital staff.  It's like she could anticipate my needs before I knew them, helping me stay warm, shifting my body position, keeping me and my husband hydrated and nourished, sharing information about baby's wellness, quietly holding my hand and whispering encouraging words at emotional moments and confidently guiding me through a stressful drop in baby's heart rate.  And then - the main event! -  being there when I delivered baby, holding my leg, coaching me to push, and cheering me on.  I am certain that her insistence on using the "peanut ball" to keep my hips open once the epidural was administered is a key reason why my son came out so quickly.  Despite the medical intervention my body and mind were ready because of Emily.  I am so incredibly grateful to have had her attend our son's birth.  

My husband, who was admittedly on the fence about hiring a Doula in the first place (didn't want the room to be too crowded, didn't want his support role to be diminished) said that if we were to have another baby we would ONLY do it with Emily's support.  I second that! 


And let us not forget the postpartum visit.  I thought, "I've done this before, how much help do I need?", a question I swallowed when I walked into the kitchen after a long hot shower to find Emily with my newborn in a wrap, making muffins from scratch and my clean laundry folded in the basket. Amazing!!   


Emily is excellent at what she does and any family would be blessed to have her support. She was such a gift to us and contributed immeasurably to a beautiful birth experience."  

Tara, Billy, Tucker & Lachlan 

"Emily was an essential part of my birth team. The support she provided for me and my husband that day was priceless. As a first time mommy, I was so nervous and inexperienced of what to expect, but she helped me feel safe and supported and as comfortable as I could possibly be. We feel so fortunate that she was a part of the birth of our baby boy. I highly recommend Emily."

Ida, Mo, and baby Aiden 

"Hiring Emily of Nurture Birth Doula Care was the best decision my partner and I made in preparing for the birth of our child! 
From my first email to her, she was responsive, knowledgable, supportive, clear and warm. She listened to all our questions and concerns and addressed them all, and she worked seamlessly with the midwives who attended our birth. I am so glad that we found her. 
She was especially good at helping my partner to be actively involved in our birth process and to make sure he had confidence and knowledge In his role. She also paid extremely close attention to all my physical and emotional needs during labour, and was ready with knowledgable suggestions whenever I needed guidance. 
Ultimately, the birth went very well, I believe largely thanks to Emily's support. I recommend her very highly to anyone expecting a child!"

Naomi, Robi & baby Freya

"I can say that without Emily's support and guidance, I likely would not have had the natural birth that I had hoped for. My husband agrees that he would not have felt as calm and reassured throughout the process without Emily's presence."


"I would like to thank you again for referring Emily to us when we were searching for a postpartum doula. She was very professional, personable and caring. It was a very easy time with Emily. She readily helped me with breastfeeding, taking care of my baby and me, extra hands around the house and allowed time for myself, my husband and our new baby to connect as a family with her support. During our time together and following, she was always available by phone for support." 

Julia, Sam & baby Leo


"Wonderful to work with. Excellent support with both emotional and physical aspects of labour."

Julie Chipman (midwife)

"Words can't describe how much love & appreciation I have for Emily. She is humble, open, and loving, which I found to be the best qualities for her role. From the moment Emily joined my journey until the end, she was a great help in many ways. I don't know how I could've gotten through it without her help & support. I recommend Emily to anyone who is considering labour & postpartum support." 

Shanice & baby Jordan

"I have seen and worked with many doulas, but you are someone I would personally recommend to my patients. My entire team loves what you just did for your client."

Dr. Shore (OBGYN) & team at St. Michael's Hospital

"Words can not describe what Emily did for me and my family. From the first point of contact she was professional, friendly, calm, knowledgeable, funny, the list goes on! She answered all of my overly paranoid questions promptly, and was able to coach me through early labor so that I was able to remain home as long as possible. Emily was my guiding light at the hospital. She made me feel empowered, confident, and proud of the decisions I was making. She was my rock during labour and delivery. The relationship that my husband and I formed with Emily will be one that I will not forget. She helped bring our child into this world with confidence and grace. She may literally be the first to know next time I am pregnant, so that I can make sure she is available for me again."

Sara, James & baby James Jr.

IMG_3656 (1).JPG

"Not everyone can become a doula, it is a job where the utmost trust, knowledge, love and care is needed. I truly believe that, especially after giving birth to my son. My birth story was a difficult one, and is still hard for me to talk about sometimes because it was so hard, both delivery and postpartum. Not everyone has an easy delivery and I think it's important to know that going into the process. Having a doula doesn't mean you will have an unmedicated birth and for some women, like me, it might not be an option. However, what Emily was able to do for our family was nothing short of a miracle. My delivery had many challenges for a number of reasons but Emily was able to keep both me and my husband calm and strong throughout. She kept us informed and educated during each step and was there to help us advocate when needed. I almost had to have an emergency c-section but because of Emily's support I was able to push through (quite literally) to deliver my son vaginally. She was also there for us postpartum helping along the way. Emily we are so grateful for you and that you were able to be there for us. Know that you always hold a special spot in our hearts."

Anna Lisa, Joseph & baby Nathan

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