My Team

"When women support each other, incredible things happen."

Heather Fleming

"10 years ago I experienced my first birth with my best friend. I was then asked to help coach her through all three of her labours. She told me I was a natural and should pursue a career as a doula. After having my own 3 beautiful children, with labours that I felt could have been more positive experiences, I decided to help other women have a voice and informed choices during this life changing moment, in hopes that they have the best possible experience with their labour.

I am very passionate about my family and career."

Bebo Mia trained Birth & Postpartum Doula

Bebo  Mia trained infant sleep educator

Bebo Mia trained in Hypnobirthing

*I specialize in over night support for families needing much needed rest and reassurance.

Carissa Marks-Thomson

"I am proud mother of two grown daughters and aunt to my only nephew. After assisting with my sister’s pregnancy 9 years ago, I knew that the role of a Doula was for me. I left the corporate world for the work of a Doula on a full time basis to follow my passion - supporting families during one of their most challenging times. 
I have a great love for birth and childcare. I am an artist and I have mastered the art of cooking for my family and friends."


Birth & Postpartum doula through Doula Canada

Currently working towards child birth educator certificate through Doula Canada
Health & Safety Certified 
CPR & First Aid Trained 
Cardiac Technologist Certified

*I specialize in over night support for families needing much needed rest and reassurance.


Rose Le Blanc- IBCLC (Lactation Consultant)

"My partner and I have three children and with each child came a different breastfeeding problem.  These experiences forever changed me - revealing how difficult breastfeeding can be, how each child is so very different and the pressure and guilt that goes along with it all.

After over 90 hours of Lactation specific education and 760 hours of directly supervised, hands-on experience helping families with Dr. Jack Newman and the Lactation Consultants at the Newman Breastfeeding Clinic, I completed the Lactation Medicine Programme. Since then, I have been helping families through my own practice as a Lactation Consultant. My approach during consults is gentle yet clear guidance with a strong focus on the family's individual breastfeeding goals."

Lorraine Marie Leslie

I am a mindful mother of two and a birth & postpartum doula. After having my daughter a little over four years ago, I felt drawn to the idea of empowering others and supporting their birth choices through birth work. As an empath who is warm and caring, becoming a doula and supporting expecting families is something that really connects with who I am. I know from my own experience that having the resources to plan your birth and postpartum period, your way, has real value and truly sets the foundation for your parenting journey. I am here to hold space and help new parents navigate their own path from prenatal through to birth and postpartum.


DONA trained Birth Doula (2015)

Bebo Mia trained Birth & Postpartum Doula (2017)

Safe Beginnings certified infant CPR (June 2017)