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Postpartum doula support

Make decisions for you: 

Your doula will assist you by providing the information you need to make informed decisions during your journey as a parent.

Free consultation 

We offer a 30 minute 'meet and greet'. This time will give you and your doula an opportunity to get to know each other and for them to get a better understanding of your feelings about your upcoming postpartum period. They will go over the support services we offer as a postpartum doulas and answer any questions you may have. If you feel you and your doula are a good match, they will be there shortly after your baby arrives for nurturing care!


Getting started

 6 hours of care (1 visit of 6 hours, or 2 visits of 3 hours each).

Building confidence

 12 hours of care (3 hour minimum per visit).

Helping hand

16 hours of care (4 hour minimum per visit).

Extended care

24 hours of care (4 hour minimum per visit).

Sweet sleep

10pm-6am over night care.

Please ask about our healthy, home cooked postpartum meal & delivery options!

*All packages include phone support between 9-3pm for the duration of the package of your choice.

Please contact me for package fees.

Phone & email support 

For the duration of the care package of your choice, we will be available to you from 9-3pm by email, text, or phone for any questions or concerns you may have. 

As a doula, our role supporting you as a new mom & family will change from day to day. Your doula will support you emotionally as you adjust to being a parent and physically as you heal from labour. They will support you with breastfeeding or bottle feeding, will give you information and resources on baby care while helping with bathing, soothing, diaper changes, infant massage and safe sleep habits. They will support and nurture your new role as parents, or help with the transition of having a new baby with previous children. Your doula will provide extra loving hands for multiple births & preemie births. We are more than happy to do light household chores, errands, furry friend care, and healthy meal preparation. Your doulas presence will provide you & your family with reassurance, comfort and confidence during this new and amazing time.

As a doula, I  DO NOT


Your doula cannot transport you or any member of your family. They are, however, able to accompany you or a family member.

Project any of my own beliefs onto your experience:

We will remain completely unbiased and open to your individual postpartum and parenting wishes. We are here to support you in every way. 


We will not assume or diagnose any medical condition for mom or baby. We will support you in finding a suitable professional & research based resources. 

"Every parent deserves a Village."

"We could not imagine the birth of our daughter without having Emily there. From preparing us leading up to the birth, to answering our numerous questions, to day(s)-of support, Emily was truly incredible. She helped make our birth experience a positive one and gave us the confidence and reassurance that we would not have otherwise had.  

We would recommend Emily to anyone and everyone  - whether or not you are wanting an unmedicated birth. Emily provides the physical and emotional support that all parents-to-be deserve to have in their birthing experience. And the relationship came so naturally  - Emily is so thoughtful and caring, it was like having a close friend or family member along for the ride. 


We are eternally grateful Emily - thank you! And we will most definitely have you by our side for baby #2!"

Alicia, Justin & baby Chloe

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