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The Rebozo

The first time I ever saw and used a rebozo was with a midwife at the Toronto Birth Centre. Baby wasn't in an optimal position, we did some light belly sifting, and then out came baby! I was blown away and immediately trained in rebozo techniques.

The rebozo is a long, soft, tightly woven, stretchy piece of fabric used by women for centuries in Latin American native cultures. This amazing tool has been brought to North America for good reason, as an aid for pregnancy, labour and postpartum.

It is used in various ways and positions to assist in relaxing mom, easing discomfort, taking weight off moms lower back, pelvis and knees, and for gentle massage. I often use it as a grounding object for mom to grip and pull on during contractions and pushing (as seen in image above).

It is an extension of the doula and partner's arms to help support mom. It truly is a piece of magic! 

*Using the rebozo to create a double hip squeeze - Doula and partner act together to push the pelvis back to a relaxed position, gently relieving weight and discomfort. This feels great!

*Using the rebozo to carry a toddler. 

*Using the rebozo by gently sifting it back and forth as a massage for the hips, glutes and lower back to ease tension and discomfort. 

*Using the rebozo to gently lift the abdomen, relieving pressure, applying counter pressure on lower back, while using legs and knees to apply the double hip squeeze.

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