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Doula support during COVID-19


"We could not be more happy with the excellent support that Emily provided to us during the difficult circumstances of the COVID pandemic. Our meetings, which would otherwise have been in person, were on Zoom. During our meetings, Emily took the time to very clearly discuss with us, and show us using visual aids, everything from labour and delivery details to postnatal care. We always felt comfortable discussing our options and asking questions, throughout the months preceding the birth of our daughter. Emily also provided us with support via phone and text, always providing us with balanced information, based on which we were able to make the best choices for us. During labour and delivery, our hospital did not allow more than one support person, so we were sad that Emily could not attend; however, Emily was on-call by phone and text throughout the duration of the labour and delivery process. She provided informational and emotional support to both of us, and she helped us to make fast informed decisions when needed.  Now that our daughter has been born, we continue to contact Emily with questions and for support. We were excited when we were able to finally meet Emily in person when she made a house visit for us, taking all of the necessary PPE precautions given the nature of the pandemic. We are so grateful to Emily for all of her support and we highly recommend her services." Jonathan, Adrienne and baby Ariella


"Emily supported us with the birth of our first child and her support allowed us to be confident, positive and in control throughout the birth. For our second birth, we knew right away we wanted her help.

Our second baby was born in May 2020, in the middle of the covid lockdown, so Emily’s support ended up having to be all virtual. Despite this, she was an incredible support and we couldn’t have done it without her. Emily helped us figure out the right time to go to hospital, the questions to be asking to make well informed decisions (about induction, epidural, supplementing feeds, etc.), and strategies my partner could use to help me with the pain. She was available whenever we needed before, during and after the birth on text, phone, FaceTime and sent us photos/videos/articles, etc, to guide us.

Thank you so much Emily! While all your support was virtual you were with us at every step and helped us have a very well informed and positive birth." Achana, Vish and baby Jai

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